School Improvement Plan

Cyfarthfa High School Improvement Plan Priorities 2018-2021

The Welsh Government is determined to raise standards in schools throughout Wales. Challenging national targets have been set and individual local authorities and schools are required to set their own.

The targets we have set ourselves reflect a realistic level of challenge. All staff and governors at the school work tirelessly to achieve, and hopefully exceed, them.

The Welsh Government recognises this determination within us to succeed as we join a pilot project to review and improve ourselves continually for the benefit of every student.

Our “Reset and Restart” initiatives are the first step to transforming the future of our school, building on our achievement and attaining greater success.


Priority 1A: Raise expectations and improve standards of attainment at KS4 in line with Welsh Government key performance indicators.

Summary of 3 year goals:

  • To improve the percentage of pupils attaining the L2+ with particular reference to level 2 English Language
  • To ensure capped 9 points scores are in line with national performance indicators at all ability levels
  • FSM pupils achieve in line with expectations and narrow the gap between the attainment of FSM pupils and non FSM pupils
  • To improve the percentage of A / A* grades at GCSE
  • To sustain the very good outcomes at L1 in light of more challenging pupils.

Priority 1B: Raise expectations and standards of attainment in literacy and numeracy at KS3

Wellbeing and Attitudes to Learning

Priority 2: Develop positive attitudes to learning: improve behaviour for learning and nurture resilience, perseverance and motivation to improve learners’ wellbeing, with particular reference to improving attendance and reducing exclusions. Also construct and implement a plan to improve the school environment and site security

Teaching and Learning Experience

Priority 3A: Improve the quality of teaching and learning and assessment outcomes in line with the Professional Teaching Standards.

Priority 3B: Curriculum Provision and Skills. Further develop innovative and engagement learning opportunities to ensure a curriculum which delivers Donaldson’s ‘four purposes’ and is suitable for all learners (in line with the Welsh Government’s plans for a new Welsh curriculum as outline in “Successful Futures”.)

Care, Support and Guidance

Priority 4: Develop strategies to ensure that the 4 purposes are the core values for all activities contributing to pupils’ personal development/

Leadership and Management 

Priority 5: Improve the effectiveness of leaders at all levels and further develop the school’s leadership capacity, including collaborative work with partner organisations.