Our aim is to make Cyfarthfa High School as safe and secure an environment for our pupils’ education as we possibly can.

We have a Health and Safety Policy and strive to do everything possible to maintain safe and healthy working conditions on both our sites.

Some key aspects of our Health and Safety/Site Security arrangements are: –

• Regular Health and Safety and Fire Risk Assessments carried out by staff and outside agencies;
• Installation of CCTV cameras at various points in and around our premises;
• Signing-in systems for visitors;
• The issue of identity cards to staff and accredited visitors to the site;
• An established emergency procedure for dealing with possibly threatening intrusions onto the premises;
• The appointment of 7 qualified First Aiders;
• Established procedures for dealing with and recording on-site accidents;
• Regular fire-drills involving the supervised evacuation of the school
• Regular staff training in emergency procedures and the use of fire-safety equipment;
• Regular checks of all electrical equipment used at the school to ensure safety and compliance with existing regulations;
• Installation of and regular checks on dust and fume-extraction facilities in Technology and Science;
• Regular checks on all fire-safety equipment in the school;
• The delegation of responsibility to specific staff for overseeing the storage and use of hazardous materials in specific subject areas.

To repeat, the safety and well-being of all pupils and staff are of paramount importance to us at Cyfarthfa.