Moving from primary to secondary school can be a daunting time for both parents and children. Talking through the issues and concerns with your child can build their confidence and give them support in coping with the worries they may be experiencing.

Mr Gwyn is the Progress Leader for Years 5/6 at Cyfarthfa High School and is here to help you and your child through the transition process. As a Progress Leader, Mr Gwyn will be the person who guides you and your child into Cyfarthfa High School. Mr Gwyn will be spending time regularly with students in all the primary schools. He will be looking to get to know students and help them feel happier about the changes that they will soon experience.

Mr Gwyn will also be on hand to support you as parents/carers with applications and answering any worries or concerns you may have about your child’s Transition.

Mr Gwyn has been a teacher of History at Cyfarthfa High School since 2016.

He has been a member of our Pastoral team for a number of years. Therefore, Mr Gwyn will be able support and signpost parents/carers to services and information surrounding any challenges you are your child may be facing in this year of Transition.

He said, “I’m really excited to get to get to know you all and help you all as you transition to Cyfarthfa High School. I have lots of exciting plans for Year 5 and 6 students that will involve a variety of engaging learning opportunities and events.”

“I want to give you all a real taste of life as part of the Cyfarthfa Family. I’m also excited to get to know parents and carers. I hope that I can be a good source of support for you, as you in turn support your child.”


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