Headteacher’s Address: Autumn 2020

Cyfarthfa High School is proud of its long history of achievement and we look forward this term to enhancing its reputation as one of the best learning facilities in Wales.
Staff, governors and parents have the highest expectations to succeed in our performance this year.
This can – and will – be achieved with the commitment to learn and succeed by every student who walks through our doors.
These are unprecedented and challenging times but can be overcome with resilience and team-work. Welcoming you all back into the school is our first step towards the new “normality” as we gather following such a prolonged period of absence.
We are starting a new academic year with many exciting and positive changes to help us accomplish our objectives. Our “Reset and Restart” initiatives are the first step to transforming the future of our school, building on our achievement and attaining greater success.
Our wide and fascinating curriculum allows students to enjoy a variety of subjects and experiences and it is our aim to ensure that every student at Cyfarthfa High School flourishes to become the very best of themselves within a challenging and supportive environment.
The Welsh Government recognises this determination within us to succeed as we join a pilot project to review and improve ourselves continually for the benefit of every student.
As one of the few schools in Wales not in measures, our reputation for quality, first-class learning goes beyond the borders of our region. We are recognised as an exemplar in many fields of education and must build on this for the benefit of ourselves and future generations of students.
This must be a collective effort. We expect the very best standard of performance from our students who equally are offered the very best standard of learning to prosper.
Once again may I take this opportunity to thank students, staff and governors for their continued determination to build on our strengths.
Merthyr Tydfil was a powerhouse of industry built on the shoulders of hard work, determination and ambition – qualities we encourage in every one of our students at Cyfarthfa High School as we continually endeavour to achieve and succeed in every aspect of school life.
Let us all work together to maintain our reputation for excellence while building for a future that will see Cyfarthfa High School recognised as the very best centre of learning in Wales.
Rod Francis