At Cyfarthfa High School, we always place the wellbeing of pupils and staff at the heart of our core business. Like all parents/guardians, we want the very best for all our pupils and will make it our absolute priority to ensure all pupils are happy, safe and flourish.

In the pursuit of happiness and to allow pupils to be the best they can be, we want to ensure we get the right wellbeing support for all. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that next year Cyfarthfa High School will become a wellbeing hub which will adopt the PERMA approach to supporting the wellbeing needs of our pupils.

We recognise that a good life for one pupil is not necessarily a good life for another as there are many different routes to a flourishing life.

Therefore, by adopting the PERMA approach to support and enable our pupils to flourish, make more informed choices to live a more fulfilling life which is aligned with their values and interests we will be implementing a whole school approach to support pupils wellbeing needs.

This will be interlinked with all other aspects of wellbeing support such as ELSA, Thrive, health and wellbeing support to provide a full package of support to all pupils.

What is PERMA?

The PERMA approach represents five core elements which will underpin our values:

Positive Emotion: is one of the cornerstones to well-being. Kindness, gratitude, hope, contentment are all positive emotions that contribute to the “pleasant life.”

Engagement: much like positive emotion, is a subjective element to well-being. Engagement is about being totally absorbed (in the flow) by a present task where time and self- consciousness seem to cease. 

Relationships: Relationships are fundamental to wellbeing. Create and maintain harmonious, fulfilling relationships.

Meaning: in life comes from serving something that is bigger than self. To have a sense of well-being, finding a purpose in life is essential. Altruism and philanthropy are good methods to establishing a meaningful life.

Achievement: is a sense of accomplishment. Having goals and meeting those goals, improves your well-being and allows you to flourish.