The Staff

The Teaching Staff

Name Area of Responsibility/ Teaching Area
Mr R Francis Headteacher
Mr D Hines Deputy Headteacher
Mr A Beddoe Assistant Headteacher (Acting)/Science
Mrs T Griffith Assistant Headteacher (Acting)/Welsh
Mrs N Bowden Assistant Headteacher/RE
Mrs H Canney Assistant Headteacher/Music
Mr D Dwyer Head of Maths/Strategic Lead for Numeracy
Mrs S Acreman English
Mrs V Clements Head of PE
Mrs K Crane Assistant Head of Year (Acting), English
Mrs C Davies Music
Mr J Davies Head of Design & Technology/ MAT Coordinator
Mrs L Davies Science
Mr R Davies Head of Welsh
Mr M Dorricott Head of History
Mr J Edwards Maths
Mr J J Edwards 2nd in Dept. Geography
Mrs C Fry Head of Art
Miss R George Head of Business Studies
Mrs C Griffin-Smith Head of Year/ ALN
Mrs S Grove-White 2nd in Dept. Art
Mr L Gwyn History
Mrs S Haines English
Mrs T Hales 2nd in Dept. English
Mr K Hamer Maths
Miss R Hassett English
Mrs S Henderson Head of RE / Welsh Bacc Coordinator
Mr D Hussey Technology
Mrs J James Head of Drama
Mr R James 2nd in Dept Maths
Miss C Jenkins Assistant Head of Year/ Maths
Mr N Johns Head of Science (KS3)
Mrs J Knight Maths
Mrs C Lewis Head of Year / PE
Mr K Lewis Head of Year / PE
Miss S Linder Head of Geography
Mrs L McCarthy 2nd in Dept. RE
Mr M McCarthy Head of ICT
Mr L Morgan Assistant Head of Year/ALN
Mrs L Morgan Head of Learning Support/SENCO
Mrs N Morgan Head of Year/ Welsh
Miss R Parker Maths
Miss R Parry Assistant Head of Year/Science
Mrs A Phillips English
Miss J Phillips Art
Miss A Richards Technology
Mrs J Richards Head of Science (KS4)
Mrs K Richards Physics
Mrs R Shelton Head of International Languages
Miss J Slarke English
Mr M Smith ICT
Miss J Stacey 2nd in Dept. Welsh
Mrs M C Stafford Head of English / Strategic Lead for Literacy
Mrs R Stokes-Thomas   Head of Music
Mrs L Thomas English / Literacy Coordinator
Mrs R Thomas Maths
Miss G Tipping 2nd in Dept. History / Welsh
Mrs M Tippings International Languages
Mr A Townsin 2nd in Dept Technology
Mr M Trowbridge 2nd in Dept. PE
Mrs H Webb 2nd in Dept. Science
Miss R West Maths/Numeracy Coordinator
Mrs A Williams Welsh
Mr G Williams Assistant Head of Year/ Science