The Staff

The Teaching Staff

Name Role / Teaching Area
Rod Francis Head teacher
Luisa Martin-Thomas Deputy Head teacher
Andrew Beddoe Assistant Head teacher / Science
Nicola Bowden Assistant Head teacher  / R.E.
Helen Canney Assistant Head teacher / Music
Tracey Griffith Assistant Head / International languages
Hollie Abraham Art
Charlotte Blatchford Assistant Head of Year / Maths
Victoria Clements Head of P.E. / Business Studies
Kelly-Anne Crane Head of Year / English
Caylee Davies Music
Jonathan Davies Head of Design & Technology
Lisa Davies Science
Rhys Davies Head of Welsh
Mark Dorricott Head of History
Damian Dwyer Head of Maths / Strategic Lead for Numeracy
James Edwards Maths
James J. Edwards Assistant Head of Year / 2nd in Dept. Geography
Claire Fry Head of Art
Rhian George Head of Business, Enterprise, Careers Ed. / Welsh B.
Catrin Griffin-Smith Head of Year / ALN
Lewis Gwyn 2nd in  History
Sheryl Haines English / French
Tracey Hales 2nd in Dept. English
Kevin Hamer Maths
Sian Henderson Head of R.E. / Welsh Baccalaureate Co-ordinator
Emily Haywood History
Joanne James Head of Drama / R.E.
Richard James 2nd in Dept.  Maths / I.C.T.
Nicholas Johns Head of Science (KS3)
Claire Lewis Head of Year / P.E. / Welsh Bacc.
Keri Lewis P.E. / Welsh Bacc.
Sheryl Linder Head of Geography
Sam Maggs English
Lee Anne McCarthy Assistant Head of Year / 2nd in Dept. R.E.
Matthew McCarthy Head of I.C.T. / ITAC Co-ordinator
Louise Morgan Head of Year / ALN SWAP
Luke Morgan Head of Learning Support / SENCO SWAP
Nicola Morgan Head of Year / Welsh
Rochelle Parker Maths
Rebecca Parry Science
Jenny Phillips 2nd in Art
Tom Phillips English
Nerys Pollard Assistant Head of Year/Welsh
Michael Reed Cover
Abigail Richards Technology
Jemma Richards Head of Science (KS4)
Kerry Richards MAT Co-ordinator/ECO
Lucy Richards English
Rachel Shelton Head of International Languages
Michael Smith I.C.T.
Marie C Stafford Head of English / Strategic Lead – Literacy
Rhian Stokes-Thomas Head of Music
Lucy Thomas English / Literacy Coordinator
Rhiannon Thomas Maths / Science
Shaun Thorne Assistant Head of Year/Technology
Melanie Tippings International Languages
Alan Townsin 2nd in Dept. Technology
Matthew Trowbridge Assistant Head of Year / 2nd in Dept. P.E.
Hannah Walsh English
Hannah Webb 2nd in Dept. Science
Rebecca West Maths / Numeracy Coordinator
Alexandra Williams 2nd in Welsh
Garhard Williams Assistant Head of Year / Science
Huw Williams Attendance Officer/Teacher of Finance

The Support Staff

Louise Burr Admin
Sian Evans Admin
Susan Jones Admin
Sharon McKean Admin
Angela Showers Admin
Amanda Swain-Davies Admin
Catherine Williams Admin
Keri Bunce Site Manager
Gerwyn Cooksey Caretaker
Sian Davies Examinations Officer
Rachel Ann Walters Inclusion Officer / Student Support Manager
Paul Davies Laboratory Technician
Ceri Showers Learning Support Assistant
Diane Marshall Learning Support Assistant
Sarah Hughes Learning Support Assistant
Beverley Jones Learning Support Assistant
Camella Monk Learning Support Assistant
Helen Davis Learning Support Assistant
Jamie-Lee Platt Learning Support Assistant
Tracey Richards Learning Support Assistant
Wendy Atkinson Learning Support Assistant
Michelle Evans Librarian/ Learning Support Assistant
Samantha Edwards Student Support Centre/Family Liaison Officer
Mike Hocking ICT
Rebecca Evans Student Support Centre
Tim Williams Inspire to Achieve Co-ordinator
Julie Atkins Interim Business manager
Joe Willis ICT