School Council


Welcome to Cyfarthfa School Council. Our members lead a very active role in the everyday life of the school, working alongside staff when decisions are made and working to continually improve our school.

The council also actively encourages all pupils to have a voice and to realise they have rights. Our school follows the Rights Respecting Schools ethos which means that our activities are underpinned by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Several members of the school council have undergone rights training and are able to deliver rights training to other pupils. The pupils have engaged with the activities of the children’s commissioner, including attendance at her conferences and involvement in webinars.

There is an annual democratic process of election by young people for school council members and to make sure that there is true representation each class also nominates class representatives who link with the year representatives on the school council.


The school council are proud to have won the “Safer Merthyr Tydfil’s Award for School Council of the Year 2019” recently due to their many achievements.

The council have been involved in consultations with senior staff on changes to the school uniform, the new behaviour policy and new homework policy.  There have been many achievements in the last year including influencing the new menus for the school canteen, decisions about charities the school supports (e.g. food for the local homeless shelter), staff interviews and open evenings.  Other improvements have been suggestions boxes placed in key areas to for more pupils to put forward ideas, more seating around school, including picnic benches to eat outside, a garden to grow vegetables, better communication via an online Microsoft Office team to share ideas and information.

A Wales for Peace School

A major highlight for the school council in 2018 was to lead pupils on a Wales for Peace schools project, established by the Welsh Centre for International Affairs to mark 100 years since the end of WW1.  Pupils worked with teachers to co-ordinates workshops and activities to help our young people understand how having a voice is an important right for peacemakers of the future. The pupils led on projects, created displays, a school peace logo and a pledge which is now in pupils’ diaries, to remind them of our ethos and commitment to promoting peace and the rights of the individual.  The culmination of the project was a debating conference with Welsh Assembly members at the Senedd on sustainability, refugees and the role of young people in keeping the peace, followed by official recognition of Cyfarthfa as a Wales for Peace School, one of only 8 across Wales.

You can click on the links below to read more about the pupils’ involvement in this project and the impact it has had on our young people.

WCIA Cyfarthfa High School English Flyer

School Council Community Links

The school is a strong supporter of the Participation agenda and encourages young people to attend the “Merthyr Tydfil Borough Wide Youth Forum” meetings.  Safer Merthyr Tydfil join the school every year I presenting assemblies to promote the opportunity for the Merthyr Tydfil Youth Mayor Hustings and the national Make Your Mark campaign. The Member of the UK Youth Parliament is a pupil in the school and he has a team of Ambassadors that supported him with the voting for the Make your Mark campaign.

The school also allocates a day for the whole school to participate in the voting for the next Deputy Youth Mayor.

Pupils’ Recent Involvement in Promoting Rights:

  • Official recognition as a “Wales for Peace” school – presentations made to other schools about the way the pupils have promoted rights and developed their role as
  • Pupils regularly attend the MTBWYF meetings
  • 3 of these pupils are youth co-opted members of the local Scrutiny panels
  • 1 young person has been elected as Member of Youth Parliament (UKYP).  This pupil took part in a Youth Parliament debate in the House of Commons.
  • 1 young person has recently been elected as the next Deputy Youth Mayor
  • 7 pupils have been involved in an YP animated version of the Well-Being Plan for the PSB
  • 7 pupils have delivered Young People Say Training to youth organisations in Merthyr
  • 6 pupils have been involved in the Mental Health project ‘Feeling Good’
  • MTBWYF members were involved in a recent presentation to ESTYN about their participation and impact in the Merthyr Tydfil Borough Wide Youth Forum
  • 7 pupils delivered a Stereotype workshop at the recent Merthyr Schools conference